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Re-Stock Sale Info

NEXT RE-STOCK SALE:  May 25th @ 7pm (mountain time) 

At this sale we will be offering a limited amount of:

11" - Classic Barn Quilts

24" - XL Farmhouse Barn Quilts {NEW!}

(Note: We often switch up which barn quilt line we will offer at each sale.  For upcoming sale info, follow us on Instagram @RedRainbootsHandmade.)


+++ What should I expect on Re-Stock Day? +++

*About once-a-month we hold "sales" where our listings go live and you can then purchase our made-to-order Barn Quilts.  These sales go fast - anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour!

*If you are wanting to make a purchase at one of our re-stock sales, it's a good idea to be logged into PayPal before sale time, and ready to click on the item you want.

*Your order will not be saved by being in your cart.  You must complete the payment process to purchase your items - then they are yours!

*Our Barn Quilts are made-to-order.  Expect a 2-3 week completion time.


*Re-Stock Day will be fast and crazy - but have fun!  And as always, a big thank you for supporting my business and being so wonderful.